The Illinois Department of Transportation's Bureau of Safety Programs and Engineering (BSPE) supports highway safety campaigns throughout the year. Larger campaigns like Click It or Ticket focus on targeted enforcement messaging during dedicated timeframes.


Did you know you can request and distribute free promotional materials through IDOT’s Public Information and Education (PIE) program.


Why is Click It or Ticket such a focus if 94.6 percent of people buckle up in Illinois?

  • Of the 1090 traffic fatalities involving occupants with recorded seat belt and restraint usage to date in Illinois in 2017, 54 percent were unbelted or not restrained properly in the vehicle.

How do seat belts protect people in crashes?

  • The webbing spreads forces over the strongest parts of the body;
  • The retractor engages (locks) and slows you down to keep you from hitting other occupants or interior vehicle parts;
  • They work in conjunction with the air bags and vehicle crumple zone to best protect you from the violent forces of a crash.