Click It or Ticket?

It's All About Law Enforcement Saving Lives and Preventing Injuries!


The Illinois Department of Transportation's Bureau of Safety Programs and Engineering (BSPE) supports highway safety campaigns throughout the year. In addition to regular promotion through Public Information and Education, larger campaigns like "Click It or Ticket" focus on targeted safety messaging during dedicated timeframes:

• May 15 – June 4, 2017*
• November 24 – December 12, 2017*
         *Campaign materials will be posted 6-8 weeks before start date.

The goal of the Click It or Ticket Mobilization is not to give out tickets, but rather to influence drivers and passengers to wear their seat belts to prevent injuries and fatalities. Research proves that the certainty of a ticket and costly fines helps convince occupants to buckle up.

As the number one leading cause of death and disability for Americans between the ages of 4 and 34, motor vehicle crashes are a serious public health concern. The average cost for a critically injured survivor of a motor vehicle crash is estimated at $1.1 million over a lifetime. This figure does not even begin to reflect the physical and psychological suffering of the victims and their families.

The Click It or Ticket Mobilization plays a critical role in the effort to keep motorists safe on our roadways. Illinois is a proud proponent of saving lives by encouraging motorists to buckle up, every trip, every time.