IT IS THE LAW: In Illinois, ALL drivers and passengers must be belted in all seating positions. No matter where you sit!


Is your child ready to move out of a booster seat? Can they pass the 5-step test?

Is your car seat in your car correctly?

Is your car seat in your car correctly?

To locate a car seat fitting station, click here.

To locate a child passenger safety technician in your area click here.

CPS App from the AAP

The American Academy of Pediatrics has announced a new app for iPhones and iPads. Owners of the app, "Car Seat Check," can input data on child age, weight, and height to find the right type of CR that the child should use. The app also has links to installation assistance (such as instructional videos and articles and the CPST finder site) and other safety information (such as the NHTSA recall list and AAP safety articles). The app can be purchased for $1.99 by going to An Android version is expected soon.

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